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SongVest Records Partners with Symphonic

SongVest Records (Montclair, New Jersey), the first fan-funded record label, is happy to announce that it has reached an agreement with Symphonic Distribution to be its global distribution platform partner.

Roy D’Souza, President of SongVest Records, states: “We reviewed the landscape of distribution partners and have had conversations with many, and believe we have chosen the perfect partner in Symphonic given their boutique nature and high service culture, while carrying much might and clout in the global marketplace.”

“From our first conversation, we were very impressed with the Symphonic team and their passion for our model. We’ve also witnessed the company continuously establishing great partnerships to continue to build out the service suite for their clients, including leading-edge advancements in social media strategy and licensing. It’s these types of relationships that SongVest Records believes can be most impactful to its artist roster and their teams, as well our company that includes our fan-investors.”

Randall Foster, Vice President Business Development / GM Nashville for Symphonic Distribution states: "We are thrilled to be the exclusive distribution partner for SongVest Records. SongVest's model is truly a 21st Century, disruptive approach to the modern record label and we are excited to be a part of this growing endeavor."

About SongVest Records: SongVest Records is a unique independent record label with an entirely new model for the modern music industry. Music fans from around the world have the opportunity to have an ownership interest in our company, help us discover talent and promote the artists on our roster, and get paid royalties based on revenue from sales and streaming. Details are available at our website Our next fundraising round will open soon and you can sign up on our website for updates.

About Symphonic: Symphonic is a 100% independent company offering full-service distribution, marketing, royalty collection, and more for record labels, artists, managers, and distributors. Built by artists for artists, the company has offices in Brooklyn, Nashville, Tampa, Denver, and Bogota, Columbia. Complete details on our services, artist roster, partnerships and more are available at our website.

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