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SongVest Partners with SoStereo on Synch

We’re happy to announce that we’ve signed an agreement with SoStereo, who specialize in the licensing of music to other content creators such as film studios, advertising agencies, corporations, for specific placements in ads, films, TV series and the like.

As you’re all aware there’s been an explosion of original content on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and this trend will only continue with new services coming online (Disney+, Apple TV+) and expanding. There are also more opportunities than ever for ad placements. Many of these, for example, require music as part of their soundtrack and messaging, and they employ music supervisors to license the songs that they feel will have the most impact on the audience experience. When audio content is overlaid onto video content, this is known as synchronization, or a “sync(h) placement.”

SoStereo provides a platform for music supervisors to efficiently search for the content they want to license for such purposes and are considered to be best-in-class in providing this support to the independent-artist community.

The bottom line for SongVest Records is that we want all of the artists on our roster to have the option and opportunity to further expose and monetize their creative content, and we feel that the team at SoStereo will be a great partner for us in this regard.

SoStereo’s CEO Salo Sterental states: "We're excited to establish this partnership with SongVest Records. We're in the midst of a content explosion, and brands now more than ever recognize the power of music to connect with their audiences. Nevertheless, the antiquated industry tools limit content-creator's access to amazing music. And that's where innovative platforms & models like that of SoStereo & SongVest Records come into play; tearing down walls to unlock more value in music. We're excited about the opportunities to bring new revenue streams to the SongVest Records community!"

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