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Rick Springfield

A Record Label Built for Artists & Music Fans

SongVest Records ("SVR") is an independent record label co-owned by music fans, where their participation provides the opportunity to drive music culture and positively impact the careers of their favorite artists. Artists gain a career uplift from having a fan base that is now emotionally and financially invested in their success, and a record label that values them as a true partner via its actions. SVR provides artists with a model that truly values what is most important to them today, and to support their future success: ownership of assets (two pathways), short-term contracts with options, and a highly motivated and engaged fan base. In addition, they have the opportunity to potentially be part-owners in our company. Through various rounds of crowdfunding, music fans and investors have the opportunity to own a portion of our company via a low cost per share entry point. These investments help support the funding for us to sign, market, promote and publicize our artists and their audio and video releases. Investors have the opportunity to actively engage as the global "street team" for our artist roster and platform. SVR works to help drive the success of our artist roster, prioritize the artist-to-fan relationship, and grow our collective company.

Últimas noticias de SongVest Records

Últimas noticias de SongVest Records

Últimas noticias de SongVest Records

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