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Larrosa Music Group and SongVest Records join forces to promote and develop fresh Latin talent

Larrosa Music Group bets on innovation and selects SongVest Records to showcase Latin talent

Larrosa Music Group has invested in SongVest Records label. Thanks to this collaboration, Larrosa Music Group and its team will act as a bridge between SongVest Records and great Latin talent to be featured on their platform. SongVest Records is a newly formed independent record company, with the added value/benefit of partnering with fans who have had the opportunity to invest in the company. As a result, fans and are directly involved in their favorite artist’s careers with the opportunity to share in their success.

This is a strategic move in Larrosa Music Group’s development for the Latin and American markets. As Larrosa CEO, Cristian Larrosa stated: “This is an important step for our company in our mission to develop the career of exceptional Latin talent. We are committed to invest directly on innovative models that understand the new paradigms of the music industry. We believe that platforms like SongVest Records are the right path to truly connect new artists with their fans. By unleashing their combined potential, fans become partners with their favorite artists, which increases the chance for the artist’s success.

Sean Peace, SongVest Records CEO, said: “We are proud that Larrosa Music Group has joined us to be the bridge between the Latin talent and the American market. This is a bond between two companies whose core innovation ethos will actually move the needle in this ever-changing industry. SongVest Records is a paradigm shift in how fans activate their passion for music. Instead of just investing in a company passively and hoping for some type of end game exit, we are allowing the fan/investor the opportunity to actively engage with helping discover talent and promoting the releases from the label, and most importantly share in the financial rewards.”

About Larrosa Music Group

Larrosa Music Group is a company funded by Argentinian artist and entrepreneur Cristian Larrosa, who has over 20 years of experience in the music business, funding and helping to establish music companies in Latin America, US, UK and Spain.

Larrosa Music Group drives new musical projects and artists’ careers internationally through their strategic knowledge by activating their wide network of collaborators and allies in different areas of the music business. Larrosa Music Group is an avant-garde company that collaborates with innovative projects such as Octogon Labs in Madrid, Coporación Marmaz in Colombia and SongVest Records in the United States.

About SongVest Records

SongVest Records is the only record label that harnesses the power of music fans to move the needle for artists in ways no other label can, and share in the profits.

Our power is our fan investors (SongVestors), who become part of an exclusive club of music fans that allows them to be an insider in the music business. They have the opportunity to help discover talent, collaborate with other SongVestors, and be a part of our label team to help influence the success of our artists!

That's our belief with SongVest Records....that music fans are tastemakers and want to participate with artists in an entirely new and unique way.

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